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The Top 50 Massage Blogs

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Here’s our review of blogs related to massage and alternative medicine from experts and those still working in the massage industry. Work out the kinks of your professional or personal life with a few good reads…

From the Editor’s Desk

Updates about massage business and industry trends from Karen Menehan, editor of MASSAGE magazine.


To Your Health: The blog links to MASSAGE magazine’s site and A blogroll links to more than two dozen blogs related to the industry.

Fit & Fabulous: Menehan, who has served as editor in chief, editor, managing editor and editorial assistant at MASSAGE Magazine for 15 years, writes easily about the industry and what it takes to work in the massage field. She provides expert insight on the no-frills blog.

Alternative Medicine Zone

Tips for practitioners and patients that emphasize the benefits of massage and discuss popular techniques such as Swedish and hot stone massages.

To Your Health: Blog post categories range from Chinese medicine to reflexology to holistic medicine to acupuncture. Photos accompany all blog posts and there’s the ability to sign up for a RSS feed.

Fit & Fabulous: Some of the blog posts are in-depth, whether you’re wanting to know what questions to ask during your first visit with a holistic health provider to information about specific treatments such as Bowen therapy.

Massage Therapy & Asian Bodywork

The owner of Calm Spirit Bodywork shares information about holiday massage specials, company updates and photos from travels.

To Your Health: The site’s blog links connect to other blogs about Chinese medicine, food, and healthy living.

Fit & Fabulous: Photos join YouTube videos as the writer shares information on everything from acupuncture to her dog, Marley. There’s also the link to Calm Spirit Bodywork on Facebook.

The Body Worker

Overview: Massage therapist Julie Onofrio, who also operates,  writes about why she chose the massage profession and what it takes to be a successful massage therapist.

To Your Health: The blog posts focus on these categories such as Build Your Massage Business, Find a Massage Job and The Wealthy Massage Therapist. There’s also a link to her Facebook page, a RSS feed, and information about industry conferences.

Fit & Fabulous: Onofrio’s site is comprehensive copy-wise, with blog posts sharing tips those entering into the profession and those seeking to increase their business.

Massage School Guide

News and notes about massage schools and massage careers, linking to the ability to search for massage schools in the U.S.

To Your Health: Blog posts hit categories ranging from acupressure to trigger point massage, with photos.


Fit & Fabulous: There’s also links to industry organizations such as the American Massage Therapy Association and the International Massage Association.


Hands-On: The Massage Table

This blog discusses recent studies, details about the benefits of message, and special times of the year in which the massage therapy profession gets exposure.

To Your Health: Links to finding a massage therapist and definitions about massage therapy and a glossary of terms are included.

Fit & Fabulous: From this blog, you’ll find out about other health professionals, such as acupuncturists, homeopaths, naturopaths, and chiropractors.

Body Wisdom Massage School’s Blog

Rhett Hatfield, co-owner of Body Wisdom School, shares his insight on indigenous medical therapies learned through his travels in Southeast Asia and work consulting as a spa trainer for the Ritz-Carlton, Hyatt, Radisson and other five-star hotel properties.
To Your Health:
Links to the school’s website and Hatfield’s Twitter account photos and other “spa wisdom.

Fit & Fabulous: You’ll find spa recipes and plenty of how-to posts.

MTBOK – Massage Therapy Body of Knowledge

Blog for the Massage Therapy Body of Knowledge Project, an effort by the American Massage Therapy Association and other groups to “develop and adopt across the massage therapy profession a living resource of competencies, standards and values that inform and guide the domains of practice, licensure, certification, education, accreditation and research.”

To Your Health: The site offers updates and insight about this project.

Fit & Fabulous: Those interested can follow the blog.

Lucrative Pain

“The ho-hum life of a massage therapist in small town Texas.”

To Your Health: Regular posts by Christina, a Licensed Massage Therapist about her work life (“I massaged a guy today whose armpit hair looked like a muppet”) and personal life, with musings and photos about her newborn kittens.

Fit & Fabulous: There’s the ability to follow the blog, dozens of links to sites she enjoys as well as blogs about Las Vegas and links to bloggers she’s met. Readers also can donate to her business and blog.

Sedona Massage & Energy Medicine

Blog about a therapeutic bodywork practice in Sedona, Ariz., focusing on Eden Energy Medicine and Holistic Massage.

To Your Health: Jyoti Rawlinson, a Certified Eden Energy Medicine practitioner and Licensed Massage Therapist, shares video and photos about energy medicine, as well as updates about special events and discounts for customers.

Fit & Fabulous: There’s a schedule of classes, ways to connect with her on Facebook and Twitter accounts and a link to her dog’s blog.

Robin’s Massage Blog

Robin Byler Thomas, who recently graduated with her masters in public health, blogs about therapeutic massage and ergonomic evaluations.

To Your Health: Plenty of photos and video about Robin’s experience with therapeutic massage through travels and internships, her professional pursuits, and thoughts on recent studies and articles about the field.

Fit & Fabulous: Follow the blog, to read Robin’s frequent updates written with a passion for her profession.

Erik Dalton Bodywork Training Blog

Blog focused on helping enhance the bodywork business with effective pain management techniques.

To Your Health: Photos and videos from conferences and insight from Dalton on topics from core stability to low back pain to pain management.

Fit & Fabulous: The site allows people to bookmark and share the videos and blog posts via social media.

The Massage Pundit

Laura Allen, an author and nationally certified massage therapist and body worker, updates readers on legislation affecting the industry and other news that contribute to the “politics of massage.”


To Your Health: The blog links to MASSAGE magazine’s site and A blogroll links to more than two dozen blogs related to the industry.

Fit & Fabulous: Users can sign up for an RSS feed when the blog is updated and link to purchase Allen’s books.

Larry Swanson, LMP

Blog by Larry Swanson, owner of a professional massage therapy business in Seattle.

To Your Health: Updates on job openings, Swanson’s qualifications, his feedback from his massage therapy classes and insight into topics from office fitness to technology, and photos from events.

Fit & Fabulous: Visitors can schedule a massage online or register for classes.

Grace in Gravity

Blogger Gina Loree’ Marks is a shiatsu practitioner from Chester County, PA aiming to educate people and demystify an otherwise foreign modality.

To Your Health: Guest bloggers and personal experiences give the site a community feel, but at the heart of this blog is our quest to find tranquility in our lives.

Fit & Fabulous: If you’re a newbie, you’ll get lost of great insight into this philosophy of healing, as well as some insider career tips if you’re thinking of becoming a practicioner.

Simon Givertz Shiatsu Blog

As a Shiatsu practitioner and long time believer in Eastern philosophies, Simon Givertz shares what he’s learned via the exploration of the physical self and how energy flows from one to another.

To Your Health: Givertz is all about feeling your best, whether that’s practicing deep breathing, sharing encouraging client experiences, or contemplating the meaning of Yin and Yang. If the connection between mind and body is of interest to you, be sure to check into this blog.

Fit & Fabulous: For some good shiatsu basics, take a peek at the archives – you’ll find lots of explanation and technique about this modality.



One Touch Massage

The One Touch Massage blog calls itself the “source for information on massage and massage therapy for professional therapists and massage at home enthusiasts,” and that seems to be accurate as content is definitely geared toward the massage therapist as opposed to the client.


To Your Health: While the blog is primarily used to market products that are sold on the main website store, readers will still pick up a variety of information and how-to advice for how to incorporate various tables, chairs, and other products into their sessions.

Fit & Fabulous: Those who have a massage business will pick up some good money-saving and client-building tips.



Paul Vedant

“I am a spiritual being having a human experience, as I believe are all of us.” That’s blogger Paul Vedant’s philosophy, and an idea he carries throughout his site.


To Your Health: Each post explores deep topics from spiritual beliefs to astrology to life energy, with the goal of how to improve your global consciousness.

Fit & Fabulous: Vedant explores the concept of permaculture, the development of perennial agricultural systems that are based on natural sustainable environments.


City Sports Massage

This customer-focused blog for City Sports Massage, based in London, serves to keep clients up to date on club offerings, new openings, and more.

To Your Health: While outside readers won’t benefit much from reading this blog (beyond a few tip-oriented posts), it can serve as a good example for massage business owners on how to keep in touch with clients via contests, using Facebook, and more.

Fit & Fabulous: Customers get to “meet” new therapists as they join the team, and keep on top of schedule options.


Amy’s Massage Therapy

Amy’s Massage Therapy blog is basically an outlet to offer gift certificates and list specials for Amy Morgan’s practice in Minnesota.

To Your Health: Amy’s personal bio shares how trigger point therapy helped relieve her from migraines and other ailments.

Fit & Fabulous: It would be great to read more about Amy’s business, with tips on how other therapists can succeed in their own practices.

VenBella Organic and Herbal Remedy

Organic and herbal remedy company owner, Vaclav Oros Croydon from Surrey in the United Kingdom, blogs on a variety of health topics and body issues, and how herbal treatments can help.

To Your Health: A big focus of the blog seems to be on reproductive health and physical appearance, as well as a spotlight on various essential oils, creams, and other treatments.

Fit & Fabulous: While there isn’t much personality in the posts, there is tons of information if you’re looking for some science-based explanations of various treatments.


Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Carol Wiley, a licensed massage therapist in Seattle, shares her tips and advice on how using essential oils can complement your health and wellness.

To Your Health: This blog offers essential oil “recipes” for everything from preventing nightmares and facing your financial fears to treating oily skin and fibroids. Check with a pro first, she says, but it’s definitely worth a shot!

Fit & Fabulous: If you’re looking for more resources about essential oil use, click into the plethora of links and books on the topic that nearly every post offers.



The site that connects you with spas in your area also offers a blog by the company’s president Susie Ellis, who is highly recognized as a leading authority on the spa industry.

To Your Health: Spa trends are the focus here – a must-read for spa professionals, or anyone interested in the industry, and how it’s moving toward the health/wellness arena as opposed to just luxury and pampering.

Fit & Fabulous: This blog takes you around the world to learn about some of the most fabulous spas. Can you say spa envy?


San Antonio Massage Blog

This info-based blog focuses on how to make massage therapy work for you, and improve your well being.

To Your Health: While posts are infrequent, past entries pose interesting food for thought: such as how massage therapy can stimulate the economy, and how your Nintendo Wii can be hurting you.

Fit & Fabulous: Some posts are dedicated to focusing on very specific ailments and/or treatments. If there’s something you want to read about, use the search function.


Sydney Thai Massage Blog

To promote two locations of Thai Massage in Sydney, the site offers tips, video clips, and resource reviews for those interested in massage therapy.

To Your Health: A nice addition to the blog is a world tour of sorts of other well-known spas and practitioners around the globe, from Disney World in Florida to a profile of a healer from the Philippines.

Fit & Fabulous: Some posts offer in-depth instruction on how to perform massage techniques.



Massage Williamsburg

A team of therapists from a Williamsburg, Brooklyn practice offer great advice and tips on how to make the most of your massage treatments, and even branch out into other areas of wellness like nutrition and exercise.

To Your Health: If you’re new to the idea of massage therapy as an effective way to relieve a slew of symptoms, you’ll be intrigued and pleasantly surprised at some proven benefits, for instance, massage as allergy reliever.

Fit & Fabulous: Lovely photos accompany how-to pieces to help illustrate best practices and exercises including yoga moves, or even how to give a great foot massage.

Massage Geek

Not sure if massage is right for you? Head over to the Massage Geek—Lynn to friends and clients–and learn about how massage is one of the best ways to stay healthy and happy.

To Your Health: The Massage Geek blog has lots of good information for first-time massage clients, including the benefits of different types of massage.

Fit & Fabulous: According to Lynn, massage should be a part of any health regimen. Sounds good to us!


This site is home to the Fingertips blog, written by a doctoral student in physical therapy who was once a massage therapist.

To Your Health: The site is fairly new, but the scope of the blogger’s knowledge gives us high hopes for future posts.

Fit & Fabulous: The blogger not only discusses massage, but other aspects of health and wellness, including food and exercise.

Shiatsudo Blog

Here’s a massage blog dedicated to shiatsu, a type of massage that the blogger describes as “acupuncture without needles.”

To Your Health: The writer is as inspiring as he is informative in his blogs describing how he grew to love shiatsu from his practice of tai chi.

Fit & Fabulous: One blog post gives detailed instructions on how to give a shiatsu massage, but we think it’s far better to receive than give in this instance!

Boulder Massage Therapy

The photos of massage treatments on the site are relaxing enough, but the informative blog is what will get you to make the appointment for a massage.

To Your Health: Those who are reluctant to get a massage should read this blog, as the message is very clear on how beneficial massage can be for one’s overall health.

Fit & Fabulous: Massage is just one part of wellness; the blogger also discusses yoga and good nutrition as other ways of building a healthy lifestyle.


As one of the premier massage therapy education programs in the country, Cortiva has an informative site that answers any questions potential students have about its programs and the current state of the wellness industry.

To Your Health: While this site is designed more for students of massage therapy, it is still valuable for those who want to learn more about the elements of a good massage.

Fit & Fabulous: Cortiva has a practice lab, where clients can get discounted massages from students who are eager to please as they put their classroom knowledge to good use.

Massage Therapy Works

The people at Massage Therapy Works specialize in patients with chronic pain, but their expertise covers a wide range of modalities that will benefit those looking for relaxation and tension release, too.

To Your Health: The Boston Healing Blog isn’t just for Bostonians; anyone can benefit from the wellness advice offered here.

Fit & Fabulous: Yoga is a great complement to regular massage treatments to keep the body flexible and free of tension.

Lacey Massage Therapy

Becky Lundin is the owner of Lacey Massage Therapy in Washington State and the brains behind this blog. Lundin is a fan of Reiki, but continues to study other massage modalities to benefit her clientele.


To Your Health: Massage is for everyone, even the ticklish. If you are new to massage, check out the site’s extensive FAQ section for ideas on what to expect during your first session.


Fit & Fabulous: In addition to explaining the benefits of massage, the site also offers options to stay limber in between sessions, like seated chair stretches that can help relieve workday tension.

Punkie Spelts

Who wouldn’t want to know a person named Punkie Spelts? Lucky Southern Californians can get a massage from this cool lady, but the rest of us can read her blog.

To Your Health: Spelts is into safe and hygienic massage techniques, as seen by recent posts that focus on client safety and care.

Fit & Fabulous: Like other successful massage therapists, Spelts is constantly expanding her knowledge through conferences and continuing education to help her master other modalities, like Hakomi therapy, a combination of massage and psychotherapy.

The Massage Therapy Center

The Massage Therapy Center used to train massage therapists, but now it focuses solely on clients, especially through Swedish and deep tissue massage, as well as acupuncture.


To Your Health: The Center has been around for 30 years, and this decades-long experience is seen in the blog, which focuses on important topics like why and how often one should get a massage.


Fit & Fabulous: The blog features therapists and their expertise in various modalities, so clients not only know more about the techniques, but also whom they should see for treatments.

Human Touch

The power of human touch is remarkable, and so Human Touch is a very fitting name for a blog about massage and its various techniques.


To Your Health: In addition to massage, the blog talks about other healing techniques, such as yoga and writing in a journal, to help relieve stress in our every day lives.


Fit & Fabulous: “Feel Better” is the tagline of the website, and in addition to the blog, the site features products that can be purchased for home use to continue the lasting benefits of massage treatments.

Blog Savy

Blog Savy is a community of bloggers who are experts in a variety of topics. When it comes to Swedish massage, Naomi West is your girl.

To Your Health: Swedish massage and its long, sweeping strokes are what people normally envision when they think of massage, though there are many other types and modalities of massage.

Fit & Fabulous: A Swedish massage is one of the most relaxing treatments one can receive, but this type of massage is also beneficial in helping to relieve tense muscles and improve blood flow.

T Footitt

It’s one thing to be passionate about something, but it’s quite another thing to start a blog and share that passion with others, which is exactly what shiatsu practitioner Tracy Footitt does here.

To Your Health: Footitt started her blog as a student to help further immerse herself in training, which she continues to do. Continuing education is important to any practitioner in the healing arts.

Fit & Fabulous: The client testimonials on Footitt’s site show that shiatsu has the ability to alleviate even intense pain without medication.

Portland Acupuncture

Thanks to the Internet, you don’t have to live in Portland to benefit from Amy Chitwood Burslem’s expertise in acupunture and Chinese medicine.

To Your Health: From diabetes to pregnancy, acupuncture has a way of alleviating many medical and health conditions.

Fit & Fabulous: Curious about how acupuncture works? Check out the video on Burslem’s site to see what a session entails before you schedule your own. Remember, the needles are there to help, not hurt!

Lotus Shiatsu Therapy
There’s something about the lotus flower that allows people to relax a bit—and this shiatsu blog will help readers relax the rest of the way.

To Your Health: The site offers basic information on shiatsu and other Eastern treatments, as well as what one can expect during an initial shiatsu session.

Fit & Fabulous: A good tip posted on the site is that shiatsu might be covered by your insurance company—another reason you should look into regular treatments.

Infinite Massage

Connected to the Infinite Massage company, this blog focuses on chair massage professionals (who in turn are focused on bringing massage therapy to workplaces to boost productivity).

To Your Health: Covering local events and national happenings and featuring posts from a variety of contributors, this well-rounded blog is both educational and enlightening.

Fit & Fabulous:
The Infinite Massage Team is all about people, so you can expect the blog to follow suit. Informative posts, helpful hints, and a conversational tone make this site’s wellness resources a pleasure to engage.

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